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Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or have been living with NASH for a while, it’s important that you work with a liver specialist to help determine your best path forward. Liver specialists include gastroenterologists and hepatologists.

NASH is progressive, meaning it may get worse over time if left unmanaged. Research into NASH has intensified in recent years, with scientists learning more and getting closer to finding new ways to manage NASH. Even if you’ve seen a liver specialist in the past, make an appointment to check back in soon. It’s important to find out if fibrosis due to NASH has progressed—and if you’re doing all you can to manage it.

Enter your ZIP code or city and state below to find a liver specialist near you. If you’re looking for a particular specialist, enter their last name.

This list includes gastroenterologists and hepatologists in your area. It is not a list of recommended doctors, and Intercept, Inc. is not responsible for your experience with doctors on this list. Please reach out directly to the doctor to determine their experience with NASH.

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