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NASH (non‑alcoholic steatohepatitis) and fatty liver can feel tough to manage—but you don’t have to do it on your own. Whether you’d like to connect with others in the NASH community or are just looking for more information, there are resources below to help.

Looking to connect with others with NASH?

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Looking for more information?

Your healthcare team is your best source of information. But there are also many organizations that can provide information about your disease. Below is a list of resources you may find helpful. This list of independent organizations is provided as an additional resource for obtaining information related to NASH. This list does not indicate endorsement by Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc. of an organization or its communications.

These organizations provide support and education to people with NASH. There may be local support groups that are available in your area. Ask your doctor or nurse for more information.

American Liver Foundation

The ALF is dedicated to education, advocacy, support services, and research for the prevention, treatment, and eventual cure of liver disease.

Visit the American Liver Foundation

Looking to connect to others with NASH?

The Fatty Liver Foundation

The FLF aims to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and support of people living with fatty liver, non‑alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and NASH through awareness, education, screening, and patient advocacy.

Visit the Fatty Liver Foundation

The GLI NASH Council

The Global Liver Institute (GLI) NASH Council coalesces stakeholders to develop and disseminate best practices that address the silent epidemic of non‑alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

Visit the GLI NASH Council

The GLI’s Beyond the Biopsy program takes a deeper look at non‑invasive testing methods and why they may be good alternatives to a liver biopsy.

Visit the GLI’s Beyond the Biopsy

Looking for printable resources?

Take a few moments to explore tools and other resources you may find helpful when learning about NASH. Check back for updates as new resources become available.

NASH Brochure

NASH Doctor Discussion Guide

NASH-Friendly Shopping List

NASH-Friendly Food Pyramid